A budding artiste, Womi Pop, from the local scene bared his mind on his two current efforts dominating the air waves in Yakurr Local Government Area and spreading beyond. Speaking with the publisher of Yakurr beyond, he hinted at his next move.
YB: Let’s begin from the basics. Can we meet you
RESP: My name is Womi Otu, from ugep in Yakurr LGA, Cross River State, and I’m popularly known as Womi Pop. Really, I’m from a humble background of a civil servant father and self – employed mother, which has virtually seen me being a graduate and doing music.
YB: How long have you been in the music scene?
RESP: I started out my music career right from childhood and gradually groomed an nurtured my talent to maturity and made my first studio record in 2009. Somehow, I gained admission into higher institution in 2011, cutting short my music career and then resumed again in 2016 because of my passion.
YB: What major event would you say has taken place along your music quest?
RESP: (smiles) well, I have participated and performed as an up and coming artistic at the Calabar Carnival and Leboku music Festival.
YB: Can you brief us on your level of production?
RESP: I started the recording/production process in 2016, recording fourteen songs with jollof as the hit song.
YB: So far, to what extent have been able to promote your music.
RESP: Yeah (smiles), I’ve been at CRBC Hit FM and Lagos where I actually produced many of my songs.
YB: Any new development?
RESP: Yes, of course, I have just concluded a new work titled “give the chance” with the videos being completed this year, 2020. My fans are really delighted at the tracks.
YB: What is the content of your music?
RESP: The content spans or evolves around love and life issues.
YB: What’s your music gene?
RESP: It’s pop music (Afro – pop).
YB: What are your plans and aspirations to take your music higher?
RESP: Well (shrugged), it has to do with sponsorship, but as an independent artiste, I hope in the next two or three years to feature a top Naija artiste towards reaching limelight.
YB: Who is this artist that you have in mind or admire so much?
RESP: I have Wizkid or Davido or Tekno in mind. Not really admiring any artist because everybody seems to be good, for instance I love Wizkid for his style. I love Davido for his motivation and I love Tekno for his dance steps. And I will definitely be coming out with my own style.
YB: Do you think this tall dream is realizable?
RESP: It’s possible it all books down to money just like Olamide observed when I met with him.
YB: Where is your main base?
RESP: Lagos of course. I’m just in Calabar to accomplish my education quest after which I will be Lagos bound.

YB: So let’s hear about your education background.
RESP: I had my ND (National Diploma) in 2013 from the department of computer Engineering, ONT institute of technology, Abagani,Anambra state and BSC in physics (Electronics a computer tech) in University of Calabar. 2020.
YB: So you must have skills, do you put your acquired educational knowledge in practice?
RESP:Yeah, (beaming with smiles) I am a free lance web developer and major developing engineer for Esua digital, a web designing company based in Calabar.
YB: You are quite purposeful considering all these that form your drive, but are your parents really in support of your music career?
RESP: (Gives a light – hearted laugh). First, thanks for the compliment. Really, I have my parents backing for my music drive. They actually assisted me financially.
YB: What are your other hobbies?
RESP: Well, I tour around for interesting things that will add to my experience and packaging. I also read novels and newspapers.
YB: How can your fans reach you?
RESP: My fans can find me on the social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @womipop. And all my songs can be found on top music distribution platforms like iTunes, Boomplay, Amazon, Spotify, etc and above all at my official website at www.womipop.com.ng


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